The Golden Empire

If you think the traditional red beets taste earthy, you’ll love these more sweet tasting Golden beets. The nutritional value is the same as the traditional red ones. You get a high source of fiber, they are an excellent detox source, cleansers for your blood and kidneys, and they are known to decrease the risk of heart diseases.

          The Golden Empire Juice

          The Golden Empire Juice

The Golden Empire juice contains a lot of golden beets, but also turmeric, (which is probably best known for giving its yellow color to curry!) The Curcumin from Tumeric is known to be very anti-inflammatory, and have a positive influence on your digestive health as well.

Next is Carrots, which a huge source of Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, which is very good for your eyes, and they contain a lot of fiber.

The twist of black pepper can help with your digestion, by increase the hydrochloric acid secretion which helps to break down protein and other foods in your stomach.

I have come to love this Golden Empire as one of my daily detox drinks. And because it brings sunshine and great nutrients to my body! It’s a must-have in my weekly “Six Pack”

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